“You need a Facebook page for your salon or spa!”

So 5 years ago, I set up my spa’s Facebook page.

When I started out, I thought all I had to do was to create engaging posts and the bookings would be rolling in.

Well…it wasn’t exactly the case.

After posting every day for several weeks without getting any client from Facebook, I decided to change my strategy. I experimented. I learnt as much as I could about Facebook marketing.

And soon I was selling out my spa’s offers within 24 hours!

It seemed like a miracle to me!

But it was no miracle: if you have the right strategy, you WILL see the results you’re after.

So if you’re still not seeing as much business coming from the Facebook page of your salon or spa as you’d like to see, read on for my 3 top tips to gain and retain clients by using Facebook.

1. Promote an offer

Step 1: Create a taste testing offer

Whether you decide to do paid advertising or not, you will need to pitch your offer to your audience.

No, you can’t just post your price list and consider your promotion done. (Hey, we all did it! )

You need to come up with a specific, clear, no-brainer offer to attract new clients.

There are several types of offers, but my favorite one is the ‘Taste tester’.
So what’s a Taste tester offer?

It’s an introductory service at a reduced rate, usually shorter than the regular experience.

For example, a head massage for 30 mins at 50% off.

All kinds of businesses use taste tester deals: just think of the heavily discounted 1st month membership gyms offer, the skincare samples that cosmetics companies hand out at malls or even the free hearing assessment that hearing aid companies do…yes, taste tester offers work that’s why so many companies use them!

I have a few guidelines that I keep in mind when creating these offers:

First of all, you need to know your target market! What is it that they want?
• no-brainer price point (It should be at a rate that your ideal client perceives as a good deal, but at the same time, requires to put some “skin in the game”.)
• service duration around 30 mins
• giving just a “taste” that can be extended into the full experience next time:
o head massage (rather than full body)
o mini facial (rather than full facial)
o fishtail braid (rather than cut & color)

This way, it’s not a significant investment (time and money wise) for potential first time clients to give your salon or spa a try and if you give them a fantastic experience, they will come back (most of them).

Step 2: Capture the leads

Okay, so you’ve got a fantastic offer, now what?

Should you just create a post casually mentioning “Call us and quote OFFER to book your treatment at the special rate”?

Well, you might, but I have a strategy that would work much better. (And I mean MUCH better…like a 500% improvement? )

This strategy is called lead capturing.

A lead is anyone who is somewhat interested in what you’re offering and could be turned into a paying client.

This way you can stay in touch with people who are 30% interested, people who are 100% interested, people who would otherwise procrastinate, people who are too busy to call you the moment they’re seeing your post, people with bad memory (Ooh, this offer sounds great! I’ll call them later.”….aaand it never happens.)…you get the point.
And this is important because this way, you will get much more clients.
All you need to do is ask people to get in touch with you to claim their coupon for the offer.

You can ask them to submit their email address or any other contact detail, aka capture the lead.

I like to use a separate landing page to collect the email addresses, this way, I can track down even those people who clicked on the ad, got to the landing page but didn’t provide their email address for some reason. (With the help of retargeting. More on that later.)

Step 3: Follow up & make bank

Not everyone will make a booking immediately so don’t forget to follow up with those people who claimed your offer but haven’t made an appointment.

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2. Promote an event

I like to use events (free and paid) when I want to get clients for our more expensive spa packages (e.g. our bridal packages and retreats).

So especially if you have packages or services that require a more substantial investment or more consideration (e.g. med spa services, like laser or slimming programs), you should consider hosting an event.
It’s also a great strategy for upscale salons and spas that don’t want to offer deals and discounts.

And a great place to promote this event is Facebook.

The 3 event types that I like the most are the following:

• open day/open hours with mini services
• lectures, seminars, workshops
• consultation + mini treatment (by appointment)

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3. Retargeting

If you run Facebook ads, but don’t do retargeting, you’re leaving LOTS of money on the table!

What is retargeting?

During a retargeting campaign, you’re serving ads to people who have engaged with your business previously. So maybe they visited your website or landing page, or watched your Facebook videos.

Since they have some level of awareness of your brand, they are more likely to make an appointment with you, so this group is like a low hanging fruit.

Maybe you already have first-hand experience with being retargeted: you visited a website and suddenly, its ads kept popping up everywhere on the web.

It was not magic, but retargeting!

Some important groups to retarget:
1. People who visited specific pages on your website but didn’t make a booking. You will want to focus on people who checked out your services page or the contact page, not just those who stumbled upon your homepage and left 2 seconds later. You can retarget this group with your no-brainer offer.
2. People who visited your offer’s landing page, but didn’t claim your offer. You can retarget them with a different offer, invite them to your upcoming event or even warn them that only a certain number of coupons remained.
3. People who claimed your offer but didn’t make a booking. If you don’t want to bombard these people with (more) emails, you can create an ad reminding them that the offer is expiring soon.
4. Clients who haven’t visited you for a while: a client win back campaign will help you boost your retention rates.

Just don’t forget to install your Facebook pixel on the web pages you want to track if you want to retarget people who visited these pages later.

That’s it! My best tips to fully book your salon or spa with Facebook ads and retain your clients.